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Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy 2007!!!

So, I’m convinced that materialism is universal. Some people say that America created a monster with the meaning of Christmas, twisting it into some kind of demon in a five dollar gift sack. And maybe that’s true. But I tell you one thing, no matter whose fault it is, people down here are eating it up. The lights, the shopping, the plastic decorations (imported from China), the bullshit and sheer magnitude of STUFF. It’s all here, just like in the U.S. Just throw in a piñata, evening mass, and a big bowl of warm fruit punch and you’ve got Christmas in Mexico.

Speaking of piñatas – I busted my first one at a work fiesta a few weeks ago. Wacked the crap out of the thing in 3 swings of the stick. I had expected to be dizzy and disoriented from the spinning-while-blindfolded routine. I impressed myself, really. Those who knew me as a child know how much I loved to destroy things, so the piñata was quite therapeutic.

I was very lucky to have my family here for Christmas. I took them to a friend’s family party. Mom was a hit with the gaggle of drunken uncles who kept her full of tequila. Yes, my little mom with a straight shot of tequila. Several of them. This is the woman who gets tipsy from a half glass of zinfandel. I danced with a drunken geezer in a red Adidas warm-up suit. My sister took some nice shots of the family karaoke show, which took place after the Nemo piñata was split open in the street. There was a sombrero and a disco ball.

So, whether or not your holiday party included a sombrero, I hope it was a great one. All the best for a great 2007!!! Let’s live it up while we can, before the icecaps melt away.

Here we have a nice display of holiday drunkenness. The top photo is mom, me, and Kim, drinks in hand, looking glazed and happy. Obviously, the person who took this photo was also loaded. Then we have the drunken uncles of my friend Blanca. Still sitting upright is the little one in the red warm-up suit. The one in the tie taught my mom how to do tequila shots.